Outage Notifications Expanded

Outage Notifications Expanded

Get e-mails and/or texts for outages

In an effort to increase member communications, the cooperative has enabled the capability to send an e-mail or text message to SmartHub users to notify them of certain outage situations. The username e-mail address for SmartHub users will automatically be enrolled in the notification system, but members can log into SmartHub to change the primary e-mail address that will receive these e-mails, add additional e-mail addresses to receive these notifications (spouses, roommates, business partners, etc), or opt-in to notifications via text message. The new notifications are: 

  • Power Outage: A notification to inform you when a power outage has occurred.
  • Power Outage Update: A notification to inform you when the estimated time of restoration of a power outage has been updated.
  • Planned Power Outage: A notification to inform you when a power outage is planned (due to upgrades, maintenance, repairs, tree trimming, etc.).


Enroll through SmartHub Online

To add e-mail addresses or phone numbers, log into SmartHub online and go to Manage Contacts under the Notifications tab. Click Add E-Mail Contact or Add Phone Contact. To successfully complete the addition, you must enter the corresponding verification code that was e-mailed or texted to the new contact.

To adjust how you receive messages, based on event type, go to Manage Notifications, under the Notifications tab, and select the Service dropdown to change or add multiple recipients to receive planned power outage notifications. 

If you need to assign notifications by account, use the Select Account dropdown menu to assign the appropriate recipient per account.

Image of All Account Drop Down menue

Send outage messaging to multiple contacts by adding check marks next to your contacts that should receive the messages. 

Image of SmartHub Manage Notifications Screen

Enroll through SmartHub Mobile App

To enroll in texting or e-mails while using the mobile app, go to the Main Menu, Settings, Contact Methods to add contacts. Submit the verification code to finish adding contact info. Then go to Manage Notifications, Service, to enroll those contacts in outage notifications!



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