Outage Reporting Transformed

Outage Reporting Transformed

More Information! Faster Reporting!

When will the power be back on? That’s what we all want to know, from the moment the lights go out. Midland Power members will now have multiple ways to stay informed during power outages! Outage reporting by phone call will be faster than ever before and you will receive an estimated time for power restoration over the phone.

Receive emails and/or texts for outages

Members that use SmartHub will now receive e-mails about power outages, can enroll in text messaging about outages, and view estimated times for power restoration in the SmartHub online platform.

Don't have SmartHub? Sign up for account access using your account number (listed on your bill) via SmartHub web or download the free app

What is changing when I call the co-op?

You will be quickly routed to one of three places:

  • to personalized outage reporting and information
  • to Midland Power’s automated payment system
  • to speak with a team member

“Our goal with the new phone process is to efficiently share the most requested outage information with a high volume of callers, while continuing the tradition of being able to quickly speak to a Midland Power employee for routine business,” said Midland Power CEO Bill McKim. “We’re also happy to offer e-mail and text outage notifications. Those can save members from having to report an outage or can inform them of a power outage at their service location, while they’re away from that location.”

What should I expect when calling?

Calling about an outage? Press 1.

If you’re calling from any, of up to three, phone numbers that Midland Power has on file and we are aware of a power outage on your account, the system will let you know! It will also let you know the co-op’s estimated time for power restoration. Most of the time, outage reporting will be this simple!

“Our records indicate your location is currently experiencing an outage. We are working to restore power as soon as possible. We estimate that your service will be restored by...”

Two less common scenarios:

  • If you call from a phone number that the co-op doesn’t have on file, you will want to enter the phone number or account number associated with the service location for which you’re calling to report an outage. The system will then let you know if the co-op is aware of the outage or accept an outage report.
  • If calling from a recognized phone number, but the co-op isn’t aware of the power outage, the system will ask you to confirm the service address (if you have more than 2 service addresses, it will ask you to enter the house number for which you’re calling) and then complete the outage report.

Calling to make a payment? Press 2.

Many members enjoy the ease of the co-op’s 24/7 automated pay-by-phone system. The phone number is listed on monthly billing statements, but now you can utilize the system by pressing 2 when calling the co-op’s main phone number.

Calling to speak to someone? Press 0.

Rest assured that you will still have quick access to speak to someone by simply pressing 0 at any time during the phone greeting or during the outage reporting process. You will continue to be served by Midland Power team members in Humboldt, Jefferson and Boone, during office hours. They will be happy to assist you. Outside of business hours, Midland Power’s after-hours service will assist you.

Do I really need to report a power outage?

For many years, co-ops relied on members reporting power outages. With today’s technologies, Midland Power is now able to notify members about their power outages by e-mail or text message. Members interested in enrolling in these notifications will need to set up SmartHub account access and manage preferred contact information. Learn how. If you don’t receive an outage notification from the coop, it is a best practice to report it via phone call or SmartHub.

“Long gone are the days of a county member sending a post card to town to request a line crew to restore a power outage ‘when they get a chance.’ Today’s world is one of 24/7 information and communication, and we look forward to meeting that member expectation,” said McKim.


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