Energy Sources

Energy Sources

Midland Power Cooperative is a member-owner of two generation and transmission cooperatives in Iowa: Corn Belt Power Cooperative and Central Iowa Power Cooperative (CIPCO). These two cooperatives are Midland Power's wholesale electric power suppliers.

Corn Belt Power Cooperative

Corn Belt Power Cooperative is based in Humboldt, IA, and provides wholesale electrical requirements and other services for Midland Power's northern area service territory. Their energy mix is located on this page. 

Central Iowa Power Cooperative (CIPCO)

CIPCO is based in Cedar Rapids, IA, and provides wholesale electrical requirements and other services for Midland Power's southern area service territory.Their energy mix is located on this page. 

Renewable Energy

In an effort to provide safe, reliable, and affordable electric service, Midland Power supports renewable energy projects.

Community Solar

We currently offer a Community Solar Subscription Program to our members, who can benefit from solar energy without the additional costs, construction, insurance, and maintenance required with a personal solar system. 

Iowa Choice Renewables

Midland Power has teamed up with other electric cooperatives in Iowa to form Iowa Choice Renewables, LLC. with deep roots in delivering safe, reliable, affordable, and environmentally responsible electricity. If installing your own solar array is in your best interest, working with Iowa Choice Renewables means you will have access to high-quality solar products and knowledgeable representatives that can help you analyze your electric use history and accurate renewable energy sizing needs. Visit for more information. 

Corn Belt Energy Mix

*Estimated percentages comprise Basin Electric Power Cooperative's and Western Area Power Administration's generation supplies. This information does not allow any cooperative member to claim environmental attributes of power supply since some renewable energy certificates are sold to improve the economics of renewable generation. 

CIPCO Energy Mix
Note: 33.2% Nuclear: 2019 represents the last full year of operation
for NextEra Energy Duane Arnold nuclear facility.