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June 30, 2022


Midland Power Cooperative welcomes new director

Midland Power Cooperative welcomed a new director during the co-op’s annual meeting yesterday in Boone. Midland Power members elected Jim Vierkandt to the board as a director from district four. Vierkandt will fill the seat being vacated by retiring Director Charlie Gilbert, who is leaving the board after serving 24 years. Vierkandt resides near Buckeye in Hardin County and is a grain and livestock farmer.

This year’s election also saw three incumbents reelected to the board. District one incumbent Kimberly Rinker, district two incumbent Bill Harleen, and district three incumbent Rick Thompson all retained their board seats.

Following the annual meeting, the board of directors met for their organizational meeting, selecting officers for the year.

  • Mike Coleman, district 3, will continue to serve as president
  • Rick Thompson, district 3, will continue to serve as vice-president
  • Randy Christensen, district 1, will continue to serve as secretary
  • Kim Rinker, district 1, will continue to serve as treasurer
  • Joel Skow, district 3, will continue to serve as assistant secretary and assistant treasurer

“Democratic member control is one the seven key cooperative principles,” said Midland Power CEO Bill McKim. “As a member-owned electric cooperative, our members play an important role in helping set the co-op’s direction. We rely on members to elect directors to represent them and determine the co-op’s policies and priorities. We thank our members for participating in this year’s board election and making their voices heard.”

Midland Power Cooperative’s board is comprised of 12 directors, three from each of the co-op’s four districts. Directors serve three-year terms.



Media Note: Midland’s annual meeting was streamed live on our social media platforms. A recording can be viewed here: