2017 Rate Changes

2017 Rate Changes


As a result of a recent cost of service and rate study, Midland Power members, on average, will see their rates increase by 2.4% in 2017. The majority of these increases in distribution rates will come from a restructuring of access and demand charges to better reflect the co-op’s fixed operating costs. Appropriately, rate classes that see bigger increases in access and/or demand charges will see their energy, or kilowatt-hour (kWh), charges remain flat or decrease slightly to more closely align with the co-op’s variable costs.

What is the Access Charge?


Electricity has only increased an average of 1.5% each year compared to meat which has increased 4.4%; education 3.7%; Rent 3%; Bread 2.3%.

Wholesale power rates are also anticipated to increase in 2017

We are creating a calculator to assist you in estimating how the 2.4% rate increase as well as anticipated wholesale power cost increases will affect your power bills. When the monthly kilowatt-hours used in 2016 are entered into the calculator, it compares the approximate 2016 billing to the estimated 2017 billing. Please note these are only estimates, and wholesale power costs may change. Other fees, taxes and services are not included in the calculator.

Monthly electric use history can be located in the Usage Explorer area of SmartHub.

View of SmartHub Usage Explorer Graph


Click here to see a bill estimator calculator for those without a heat meter.

Click here to see a bill estimator calculator if you have a heat meter.