Budget Billing plan is a free program designed to reduce the fluctuations of monthly billing amounts. It is available to all residential consumers.

Program Guidelines

The monthly budget payment is based on an estimate of the past 12 months revenue average of an active account. The budgeted amount will be recalculated twice per year. The member-consumer shall be entitled to receive service during such period by paying said monthly budget payment if the member-consumer shall agree in writing to the following:

  1. To pay each monthly budget payment on or before the due date of the bill for such month.
  2. That failure to pay each monthly budget payment on or before its due date shall cause:
    1. Collection and (if necessary) disconnection procedures to be implemented by the Cooperative, and
    2. Cancellation by the Cooperative of the Budget Plan with respect to the member- consumer.
  3. That the furnishing by the Cooperative of such estimate shall not be construed as a guarantee or assurance that total charge will not exceed the estimate.
  4. That during the duration of the Budget Plan of Payment, the amount of the payment may be increased by the Cooperative when deemed necessary.
  5. That the estimate shall apply only to the premises then occupied by the member- consumer and will be terminated if the member-consumer vacates such premises during the period covered by such estimate.

The level payment plan will be recalculated with the January and July billing usage, which is billed in February and August. Any actual accounts receivable balance or credit on the account at the recalculation date shall be included in the calculation process and applied to the estimated budget billing amount for service during the next twelve months.