Community Solar

Community Solar

Power in YOUR hands

Array Construction 1-23-17
Construction at Iowa Falls in January 2017.



Members interested in green energy or looking to lock in future electricity prices can participate in Midland Power Cooperative's Community Solar program. Midland Power developed the project to give members the opportunity to become involved in solar energy without the additional costs, construction, insurance and maintenance required with a personal solar system.

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About the program

You can subscribe for only $870 a module! 

Module info: The installation features 524 modules that are expected to produce over 250,000 kilowatt hours annually! 

20 year program

How Community Solar WOrks
  • Each of the 524 modules are available for subscribing (524 subscriptions available)
  • Subscriptions started at the beginning of the program (March 1st) will last 20 years
  • Subscriptions are available on a first-come, first-served basis

For questions related to tax credits, members should consult their tax advisor for tax advice specific to their situation.

How it works

Members will get a credit on their monthly bill based on their portion of the total system production. If a member buys one subscription, the credit would be based on the generation of 1 out of 524 modules in the array. Each month the total production Midland Power receives from the array is divided by 524 to determine how much each subscription is allocated for a bill credit. Monthly production will vary by season and amount of sunshine. Any credits that are leftover each month will be carried into the next billing period but will expire at the end of the 20 year program.

Benefits of the program

  • Avoid future energy cost increases - if wholesale power rates go up, so does your credit
  • Support renewable energy programs
  • Enjoy having no maintenance or repair responsibilities
  • No additional insurance costs
  • Reap the benefits of solar without having it installed on your property
  • Production credits appear on your monthly bill
  • Keep roof and shingle warranties valid
  • Transferable if you move
  • Can be passed on to a future generation

How many subscriptions do I need?

This program is designed so you can subscribe to more than one module. You can subscribe to the output of as little as one module or multiples - depending on your average usage. An average home would require 28 module subscriptions to offset 80% of their average usage. To determine how many subscriptions you are eligible to subscribe to, call us at (800) 833-8876. 

Does it cost less to subscribe to the program versus installing my own personal array?

On average, it is estimated that you will see a 19% savings in subscribing to a community solar subscription versus installing the same modules at your location. 

Ready to get started?



Solar Array Construction
Early stages of the construction of the solar array in Iowa Falls.