Outdoor security lighting can give you peace of mind and extend your time to enjoy the outdoors. Read below for details on how to sign up for our maintenance program. If you have an issue with a light or would like to purchase one, contact us

LED Security Light

Brand: CREE
Watts: 40w
Lumens: 6,000
Costs: Approx. $3-5 per month
DLC listed

NEW 40-watt LED security light w/ maintenance agreement: $150 plus tax*.  

*Midland will only install new lights on poles not on buildings. Any wiring needed on the pole must be done by an electrician. Labor charge to repair or replace a light that is not on a maintenance agreement is $300 plus tax.

Security Light Repair Program

Enroll in our Security Light Repair Agreement for $2.50/month per light and get all repairs including total light replacement covered.