By actively working to clear vegetation and tree branches away from powerlines, we help keep the lights on and our lineworkers and members safe.

How often do you trim trees?

Under our tree trimming program, trees and other vegetation are inspected and trimmed on a 5 year cycle. 

Why we trim trees

The Iowa Electrical Safety Code requires electric utilities to have a schedule and procedures for regular tree trimming management, which is critical to providing safe, reliable and affordable power.

Trees are a common cause of power disruptions and a damaging storm (especially ice storms) can cause extended power outages. Maintaining line clearance is our primary objective with two purposes - to remove elements beginning to come in contact with electric equipment and to create a hazard-free operation of service for several years.

Trees close to electrical lines

If you have trees that are close to primary electrical lines, please call us. Trees that are close to power lines risk causing power outages or power blinks from branches touching the lines or if the tree falls on the lines. 

If branches come in contact with the lines and are still connected to a tree, make sure no one gets close to or touches the tree that the branch is connected to. Anyone that climbs a tree with branches or limbs that are in contact with live power lines risks serious injury and even death.

Tree trimming map