Member Owned & Operated


As a member owned and operated cooperative, one of the principles we follow is a commitment to returning part of your investment.

Patronage, or capital credits, represent margins credited to members of a cooperative based on their purchases. Each year, our Board of Directors reviews margins and may set aside and allocate excess funds.

When will I receive this money? 

Allocations are returned to members in the form of capital credit retirements. These are returned at a future date, if or when approved by the Board of Directors. 

How is it calculated?

The amount a member earns is based upon the total dollar billing for that year. The sum of the member's bills for the year is multiplied by a percentage to determine the allocation. 

Can this be used to pay my electric bill?

No. These funds are not available to you until a future date.

What if I move? 

If you move or no longer receive our electric services, it is important to keep your address current with the co-op, so future capital credit retirements can be mailed to your current address.