Energy Efficiency Incentives

Energy Efficiency Incentives

Looking to save some money on your bill? Be sure to check out our Community Solar program! Click here

Commercial/Ag Rebates
For commercial or ag related accounts, please contact your Member Services Representative about incentives and heat metering. We offer incentives for lighting, ventilation, hvac, variable speed drives, and more for commercial/ag accounts:

Roger Hammen


In/near Boone or Greene county & west of I-35 in Story County:
Roger at [email protected]


Larry Beilke


In/near Humboldt or Kossuth county
Larry at [email protected] 


Dan Olson


In/near Hardin county & east of I-35 in Story county:
Dan at [email protected]



Residential Rebates
Any residential rebate questions can be sent to [email protected] or by calling us at (800) 833-8876.


Air conditioner

   Air Conditioning




  Air Source Heat Pumps


Ground Source Heat Pump Coils


  Ground Source Heat Pumps (Geothermal)


LED bulb

  Indoor Lighting


Heat Recovery Ventilator


  Heat Recovery Equipment



Energy Star Washer


  ENERGY STAR Appliances



Outdoor Security Light


  Outdoor ENERGY STAR LED or Induction Lighting (Security Lights)



All-Star Home


  All-Star Home




   Insulation & Weatherization



Hot Water Shower


   Water Heaters



Holiday Lighting


   LED Holiday Lights - available November 2017!